Welcome to the new universe.

Get the Modpack.
Server is always online.


All donations go directly to keeping the server online and upgrading it.



1: Be decent. It's fine to attack other players and share some banter, but do not be overly mean to anyone. Have some respect and remember we're all here to have a good time.

2: Should be common sense: No IRL threats, no bullying, no cheats/hacks.

This is supposed to be a challenging PVP server, so expect to get killed many times by other players, you may be robbed of your items at any time, your team mates may turn on you, or you could even get your base blown up by another players ICBM. If you play smart, you could become rich very quickly.





You must already own a copy of Java Minecraft before being able to start playing Steve's New Galaxy (https://www.minecraft.net/)


The EASIEST / FASTEST WAY to install the modpack is to download the technic launcher and add the Steve's New Galaxy modpack from this link (This installs the mods for you, then you just run the game from the Technic Launcher instead of the normal Minecraft Launcher.) : 




If you are having any troubles with the mod pack, join the discord and we will try to help you solve your problem. vvvvvv


Discord Server: https://discord.gg/PBB5MTNJ6V


Server IP: play.stevesnewgalaxy.com